MOBILise yourself for the forests: participa na campaña!



A campaña está tendo moi boa acollida, pero pensamos que aínda pode ir mellor. Por este motivo, as nenas e nenos de 5º e 6º queren expresan en poucas palabras os motivos para que colaboredes coa nosa fermosa iniciativa:

“We have to protect both chimpanzees and children. We are destroying their habitat and killings lots of poor animals and children!” Paula

“Buy less mobile phones and use the ones you have at home to save people and chimpanzees.” Sofía

“If monkeys suffer your heart suffers too” Nico

“Monkeys are not objects, they are animals. Respect for them!”

“If you don’t recycle mobile phones a lot of wild animals are going to disappear”

“Mobile phones aren’t as good as we think”   Elena

“If you recycle mobiles that don’t work you can save gorillas, monkeys and chimpanzees” Sara

“Nature is our home so we have to protect the environment, collect mobile phones and save a lot of monkeys” María

“Monkeys are like us. We have to save them!” María

“Save the monkeys recycling your mobile phone!”

“Killing monkeys is like killing people”

“We have to recycle mobile phones and save monkeys because I like them!”

“Buy mobile phones only when you really need them. We have to save the monkeys!”

“Your mobile phone can save monkeys”

“When you recycle your old mobile phone you are saving monkeys”

“One plant one life. Recycing mobile phones can help monkeys”

“Don’t use mobile phones for everything. Don’t depend on them so much!”

“Recycle mobile phones and save lives” Luis

“Humans come from monkeys. We need to recycle mobile phones because monkeys depend on them!” Hugo

“Monkeys are living things like us. If you want to protect them you have to recycle your mobile phones” Pepa

“Monkeys are like you. Don’t kill them and save them recycling old mobile phones” Itziar

“When you recycle you are helping both people and animals”

“If we recycle mobile phones monkeys can live. They deserve to live, like you and me.” Helena

“We have to recycle mobile phones to save monkeys and the jugle”

“We have to recycle mobile phones to save the environment and the monkeys” Xía



More info: Mobile Phone Recycling – MOBILise yourself for the forests!.