Sowing seeds! – 5th Grade Maria Montessori (group 1)


Growing from seeds is satisfying, particularly when you see the little shoots emerging from the soil and, with your care and attention, developing into nice and healthy plants. In our school we only grow organic untreated seeds!

Planting outdoors:

Today, some of our 5th Grade students went to the school garden for the first time in 2016!

To plant seedling outside, dig holes in rows beween 1 and 30 cm apart, depending on the plant. In our case we planted carrots.


1. Prepare the soil and use a stick to make a perfect line.

2. Use the shovels to dig the holes.

3. You must water the planted area regularly, but don’t drown it!

As the seedling grow they may need thinning out. Pull out the weaker ones.

       –  –  –

We didn’t label the rows of planted seeds because we want other students to guess what they are.

And here’s the exciting plan for next week!

         –  –  –

Planting indoors:

It’s spring, but we will start off some of our seedlings indoors to avoid the danger of frost.

What we need:

– containers with drainage holes or pots

– seed compost

– selection of seeds

– a mini-greenhouse

– water



1. Fill a container with the compost. Use something to press the surface and make it flat

2. Use a sieve to make a fine layer of compost over the soil. Sow the seeds about 1 cm apart.

3. Sprinkle more compost over them under they are covered with just a very thin layer.

4. Spray the seeds regularly, but keep moist, not wet.