Dealing with plants – Natural Science 5th E. Curie






Dealing with plants


  • Tomato plants with problems: weather conditions? lack of water?  How can we save them??




If a plant stays in one pot for too long, it becomes pot-bound. This means that its roots fill the pot and they can’t take food or water from the compost, so it starts to die.

If our plant becomes pot-bound, we have to spread out its roots and pot it on. It might not survive, but…






Sowing red cabbage seeds


What we need:

– containers with drainage holes or pots

– seed compost

– selection of seeds

– a mini-greenhouse

– water


1. Fill a container with the compost. Use something to press the surface and make it flat

2. Sow the seeds.

3. Sprinkle more compost over them under they are covered with just a very thin layer.

4. Spray the seeds.