5th Maria Montessori: our first day in the laboratory!


Publicamos algunhas reseñas da primeira prática de laboratorio do grupo de 5º Maria Montessori, que tivo lugar nos primeiros días de curso. Xa temos programada a nosa segunda prática!

My experience in the laboratory

The laboratory was cool because we watched things in different microscopes and we drew pictures of what we could see. At the moment the microscope is the coolest thing of Science. The laboratory is the best!

Thank Helena, because the laboratory engaged me from the very first moment.

 by Marcos López Hermida

The laboratory

In Science class we used the microscopes in the laboratory to see enlarged materials. It was very interesting to see the different colours and shapes of things under the microscope. We saw butterfly wings and legs of insects, hair and cells. To see things they had to be between two sheets of glass. I really liked that class because it was different from other Science classes.

by Sandra Rivo Vázquez

Experience in the laboratory

The laboratory is fantastic because there are four dissected animals: three owls and a magpie.

I used a microscope and I saw many different parts of animals and plants: a wing of a bee, a feet of a cricket, some bacteria, the spine of a fish…

by Alejandro Solano