Forest fires: one of the main environmental problems in Galicia – by Ana Bargés and Paula González (6th R.M. Aller)



In Galicia forests cover nearly 70% of its territory. There is a very important issue, an incredible amount of fires that affect our beautiful forests.

The eleventh of August 134 fires occured in Galicia over the weekend. 40% of them (54) started in the early morning.

The smoke of the fires covered the skies of our Rias Baixas and many people were asking themselves where the fire started. Considering those 134 fires, 7 of them were particularily dangerous. The fire caused in Vila Nova de Cerveira made that people had to leave their houses.

Not all of them happened in the North of Galicia, since some of them also affected the southern provinces of Galicia Pontevedra and Ourense and even some cities in the North of Portugal, such as Vila Nova de Cerveira and Monçao.

The firefighters say that we can prevent the fires with less contamination,

being honest with the nature, respecting the forests, cleaning the areas around the vegetation, not smoking in the forests and avoiding throwing anything in the forest.

Remember that only you can prevent the fires!