E. Curie: the experience with plants


Day 1: Fixing tomato plants:

Today Helena told us that the tomato plants she has at home were not very healthy because of the weather. So she asked our group if we could try to save them; and we said «Yes, of course!!». This is what we did:

1st Remove the soil from the roots of the plants.

2nd: When we finished removing the soil, place them in the new pot, with new soil.

3rd: Then we made a hole with tho fingers and planted the tomatoes.

4th: Finally, we pressed the soil to seal the plant. Finished!

This process is called pot-in. I hope the plants survive… but if not, we tried hard and that’s the important part. Buf if they survive… WE SAVE TOMATOES, MY FRIEEEND!!


by Leire


Day 1: The experience with plants:

I feel very happy, important and like a professional gardener because we saved some tomato plants. I love helping nature with things that are beyond its control. I hope our tomatoes grow safe and strong.

We keep them in the mini-greenhouse, where they can get all the warmth they need.

by Pedro B.


Day 2 and day 2: The school garden diary:

On Monday in Natural Science class with Helena we saved some tomato plants. Four students: Pedro, Lucía Candela and myself went to get the pots and the othre part of the group transplanted the tomatoes to new pots with new soil. We placed them in a mini-greenhouse.

On Thursday we sang a song created by Pedro. Some students believe it will help our plants to grow. On that day we also went to preschool (Infantil area) to check our tomato plants. Finally, we removed some rocks that disturb the soil and don’t allow our plants to grow properly.

by Rafa


Day 1: Helping tomatoes:

On Monday we saved some tomato plants! The soil was very poor, so we had to do something about that.

What we need: new soil, pots and water!

We removed the soil of the tomatoes and we put new soil into a bigger pot. We planted the tomatoes and we watered them.

Now we need to wait until the plants get better and then we will be able to transplant them to the school vegetable garden.

by Carla Fernández


Day 2: Planting onions:


Today we planted onions but we also visited our tomatoes, because they… survived!!!!

Some of them look very healthy, but other don’t look so good. I think that the pot-in process that we did the other day was great!  We also watered them.

Planting onions was very cool, although I could not plant aything, because all the students wanted to do it! We made a sily mistake; onions need depth to grow! Well, I hope that they survive. We will need to plant them in another place when they start growing so they have enough space. So simple!

And that’s all we did today!


by Leire


Day 2: Diary of the garden:

We went to Infantil to see the progress of our tomato plants. I am a little bit sad because some of the don’t look very healthy. Then we planted some onions… but in the wrong place! We will need to transplant them from the pots to the school vegetable garden so they have enough space to grow.


by Alba